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Natural treasures of crops grain are wonderful food for every human. Civilization diseases are mainly caused by lack of natural minerals and vitamins in food. Changing refined products on natural, non-purified, ex. white flour on wholemeal flour can easily prevent it. Wholemeal flour is obtained from grinded whole (without any wastes) clean grain of the highest quality. This flour includes all parts of grain together with bran and embryo. It includes full range of exogenous amino acids thus fully absorbed proteins. Wholemeal flour is the basic ingredient of the WEGET wholemeal bread. We make our WEGET bread of wheat and rye wholemeal flour, natural rock salt and spring water. Dough get bigger because of natural sourdough, without yeast, sugar, preservatives and additives which extend freshness of bread. We obtain bread of extraordinary flavor and diet virtues because we strictly obey the technological regime. To satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of the WEGET bread lovers we bake more than 10 kinds of bread depending on ingredients such as: sunflower seed, walnuts, raisins with spices, sesame seed, flax seed, caraway seed and onion.
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